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“David Mooney is an exceedingly experienced and skilled Pilates practitioner. I knew that Pilates work is directly mainly toward the “core” muscles but I have learned that it is a very individualized treatment modality as well. David shares his knowledge so that it makes sense and he is consistent in his teaching so that you want to incorporate this new knowledge into your life.

I only went to see David so that I could get my husband to go. He had severe pain from spinal stenosis and was on a lot of medication as a result. He was helped immediately and I got hooked on the whole experience.

Pilates helps me on many levels. In addition to addressing my core, it increases lymph flow and assists my body in the detoxification process. It increases the circulation, which enhances oxygen to the cells.

I know that my posture is changing and I feel much stronger. I feel like I am walking taller. As a 72 year old woman, I had the beginning of a “dowager’s hump” and I can see that change to a more normal look almost on a weekly basis.

My flexibility has increased. When I started, I still had some left-over stiffness in one shoulder from radiation twenty years ago. My shoulder now feels normal.

My chronic knee pain has improved. Strengthening of the core has increased my ability to walk normally decreasing the wear and tear on the joints.

As most older people do, I want to stay independent as long as possible. To do that, I need strength, flexibility and a functioning mind. Pilates addresses all three of these so is a good investment of time and money.

Since both my husband and I attend weekly Pilates sessions, it is a bit of an expense on a fixed income. But we can’t make a better investment in our health so we have made the necessary adjustments in our spending and may be hooked for life. I would like to see just how old I can get and still do some of these Pilates exercises. I can lift my legs straight up from lying flat on the floor for the first time in my life. Amazing.

David is a great motivator in helping me realize I can do some things I don’t realize I can. I always feel like I have worked hard and made progress but I have NEVER been sore the next day. David takes you only as far as you can go that day,

The studio is a good place to forget everything else in your life and just work on yourself. It is a pleasure for me to go there and just follow David’s gentle instructions and concentrate on the movement. His outstanding landscaping makes for a pleasant drive up and down the lane to the house.

Pilates as practiced by David Mooney has significantly increased my sense of well-being. Having a pain free husband doesn’t hurt either.”

Sally Shideler Bass

I wanted to let you know what a difference you and pilates have made in my pain level, posture and overall well-being. After only 8 sessions, I can say I feel as close to “normal” as I’ve felt in almost a year. As I am sitting in my chair (on my sits bones, of course!), I have no pain in my back or hip. Halleluiah! I can visibly see a difference in the shape of my lower back and spine and I know I’m standing and sitting differently (correctly!). I am sure I’m taller! 🙂 I went to a movie with my husband a few weeks ago and didn’t spend the entire two hours readjusting my sitting position, legs and back trying to get comfortable. I’ve also been able to resume more components of my normal exercise routine without pain.

You know I’m a personal trainer and have a background in weight training, nutrition and health education counseling. I also have a Master of Science in community health education from KU and worked as the Wellness Director for a company in Kansas City, KS for 8 years before becoming a full-time mother and wife. Even with my background and experience, I have learned so much from you in the past two months about the human body. You’ve shed new light in so many areas and I plan to incorporate what you’ve taught me into my own life as well as in the lives of those I teach.

Your personal story is also an inspiration to me. I enjoy working with you and look forward to more progress!”

Robin Willson

“For someone who felt totally disconnected from my body, this has been a wonderful, energizing integration. I have a body that I can work with and work on. I highly recommend this.”

Richard Perry
Phantom of the Opera Road Company Member

“Pilates with David Mooney has significantly reduced my back pain! The added bonus is my abdomen is shrinking, my thighs are shrinking, and my whole body has just tightened up! David’s extensive knowledge and years of training are making a significant change in my body shape. My muscles are longer and leaner. I actually feel taller! If you want to be good to yourself, Pilates at Modern Body Contrology will make a difference.”

Mary M. Lagergren

I can’t thank you enough for putting me back together over the last few months. I feel so lucky to have found someone who not only knows an incredible amount, but also is so encouraging and friendly.


Thank you for all you do for us, David. You have truly made a profound difference in our lives!

Elizabeth and Charlie

“I was a client with Romana Kryzanowska for years, and I never heard her talk about any student like she did David; I see why! Working with David is like having Romana in Kansas City.”

Barbara Gerson

“David Mooney at Modern Body Contrology saved my health. I commute two hours a day and spend most of my day at a computer. If I had not worked out with David, I am sure I would be seeing a neurosurgeon by now. When I first saw David, I had the posture of a man in his seventies and could not sit up straight while sitting on the floor or touch my toes. I no longer have the aches and pains I used to. Thanks to David, I look forward to many pain free, limber years.”

Dr. Charles Zaylor

“Pilates with David Mooney has me playing tennis like I did twenty years ago.”

Morton Rosenberg

“Pilates at MBC has done wonders for me in my work and daily activity. I am now very aware of how I execute motion, from walking to choreography. It has lengthened and leaned out my muscles, and has strengthened and stretched me better than anything else I have tried over the years. I have been converted to the firm belief that Pilates is an incredible method, and I find myself recommending it to my friends and coworkers all the time.”

Jessica Henson
Phantom of the Opera Road Company Member

“I have attended Pilates classes with David Mooney now for five years, attending twice a week. When I started taking Pilates, I could hardly walk, or stand up straight, due to numerous conditions occurring in my spine. I had seen a spine and back surgeon, and surgery was not an option, but he did recommend ‘Pilates,’ which I had never heard of at that time. The condition of my spine has not changed, but I am now able to stand up straight, have less pain, and am able to walk on my own. David Mooney is the BEST!”

Jo Ann Ball

“I cannot begin to express my appreciation for David and his method of instructing Pilates. July of ’06, I hobbled my way to David’s studio after suffering a stroke in April. Gently, David guided my work out as far as my capability would allow. Slowly, I began to feel stronger, more relaxed and balanced. I also looked forward to my Pilate days (twice a week). I gloried in their feeling of returning energy. I’m 70, so I’m not a spring chicken, but I feel like one. My thanks and deep appreciation to David, who so skillfully and gently taught me the joy of feeling good again. I’m not 100%…yet…but it’s coming.”

Eddie Bradley

“The Pilates method taught at Modern Body Contrology has changed my approach to exercise, not only as a participant, but as a teacher/trainer myself. The principles of control, balance, appropriate effort, and strength through flexibility have redefined my personal exercise goals and plan for long-term fitness. It has also helped me recognize strength and flexibility imbalances in my clients and provided a wide variety of options in increasing strength and balance in clients of all ages and abilities.”

Tina Sprinkle

You have given me a gift by helping me start on a road to improved fitness, my posture has changed dramatically and my strength is growing.

Robert J. Cahail

Thank you so much for your willingness to share your knowledge of Pilates with me. I am glad that I was able to visit, watch, listen, and learn, and I am looking forward to learning more.

Aliesa George
Centerworks Pilates Institute

I love Pilates. And more specifically, I love the way David teaches Pilates – it’s the real thing. David is so knowledgeable about the body’s structure and its synergy, and that skill is part of what makes the sessions so valuable to me. I HATE the rush hour drive on I-435 west, but I LOVE the results of my Pilates instruction more!

Martha Atlas

I injured my abdominal muscle on my right side. I have a weak left side. I have poor circulation in my hands and feet. My back would hurt. My knees would swell. I have tendonitis in both shoulders, along with sciatica. I joined a local gym but was never able to improve my situation. I no longer enjoyed riding my horse. Pilates, through David, changed my life and made me pain free. I once again enjoy riding and other activities. The Pilates Method of Contrology is my jump-start for the week. I feel more energized to continue working out on my own.

Sue Park

Due to a hip replacement and no subsequent physical therapy, I was very weak on one side when I started Pilates with David Mooney. I was also very stiff and tight with little flexibility. Since working with David, I am much more flexible, my body is better aligned and straighter, and my weak side is close in strength to the other side. Although the work is challenging, he is very patient and makes it fun. “I only ask you to try!” he always says.

Leslie Brumagin

All gain, no pain ……………………The best thing that can happen to a body!

Susan Ancell